Coaching Packages

Coaching is a process. It's directed towards creating positive change in some significant area(s) of your life. We all know that life-lasting change doesn't happen overnight... It takes time and effort to gain confidence and awareness, to move past potential 'roadblocks', to create new habits and to integrate the desired changes into your life. 


That's why I offer Coaching Packages. This means that we both commit to a Coaching Agreement. We commit to work in a partnership for a set number of sessions within a certain timeframe. My intention is for you to maximize your benefits from professional coaching! 


Coaching is most effective if sessions are scheduled on a regular basis, leaving 7 to 14 days in between sessions. Sessions are 45 minutes each and are conducted over the phone or Skype (worldwide). Face-to-face sessions on location within the Greater Houston Area (TX, USA) are also possible on request.


Curious to find out how coaching might support you? Schedule a Free Consultation now. This 30-minute call (phone or Skype) is completely confidential and without any obligation. 


Start improving your Daily Reality! This package will give you a taste of how coaching can improve your overall wellbeing and the quality of your life.

  • 1 x Intake Session

  • 4 x Coaching Session

  • 3 months Duration


You can achieve what you want, if you set your mind to it! This package will enable you to make long-lasting life changes that align with your Vision of a Fulfilling, Successful and Balanced life.

  • 1 x Intake Session

  • 8 x Coaching Sessions

  • 6 months Duration


Create a package to suit your needs and desires! Let's talk, discuss and plan! Choose from the following services to create your Costumized Package, or to add to one of the other packages.


  • Coaching Session

  • Email Support

  • Workshop

  • And More

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