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Coaching & Training for your Business


Improving Wellbeing, Performance and Success in your Business. The ultimate goal is for you to perform at your best in your business, be successful and get the desired business outcomes, and to feel good and balanced in your life while you do so.

This is YOU:

I work with individuals who run their own business: entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners. They're motivated to grow & develop on a personal and/or professional level, they have business goals and want support in achieving those goals. One or more of the following situations might apply:


  • You want to be more productive and get outstanding business results;

  • You procrastinate and want to get more done in less time;

  • You lack confidence and that's holding you back in growing your business and getting the results you want;

  • You want to make more money;

  • You're looking for ways to find more meaning and satisfaction in running your business;

  • You want to take your business to the next level;

  • You're running your own business to add additional income to your household;

  • You want to start your own business and be successful from the start.


ImPowered Coaching & Training helps entrepreneurs like YOU to be successful by supporting them to achieve their business-related goals, to consistently perform at their best, and to feel good while they do so.



Creating positive and meaningful change in some significant area(s) of your life is a process. We all know that lasting change doesn't happen overnight... It takes time and effort to create awareness and gain confidence, to move past mental and/or emotional 'roadblocks', to create new habits and to integrate the desired changes into your life. 


That's why I offer my services in packages. This means that we commit to work in a partnership for a set number of sessions within a certain timeframe. My intention is for you to maximize your benefits from professional coaching and training! 

Sessions are conducted over the phone or Skype (worldwide), from the comfort of your home, or face-to-face on location within the Greater Houston Area (TX, USA).

The focus in my work with clients is forward and future-oriented. At the same time it is acknowledged and valued that we all have a unique genetic makeup combined with years of unique learning experiences that color our world, and might challenge us in moving forward.

Are you ready to start taking control over your Wellbeing and Success in your Business?


Curious to find out how coaching might support you? Schedule a Free Consultation now. Completely confidential and without any obligation. 

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