My name is Lizet Pollen and I'm the founder of ImPowered Coaching & Training. The human psyche has always fascinated me, which naturally led me to pursuit a Masters degree in Psychology. In the past 15 years I’ve worked in a variety of settings, both in Europe and the US, assisting people and organizations in their behavioral change efforts and personal development processes.



Moving to Texas in 2013 meant leaving behind a well-established professional career as a psychologist in The Netherlands (Europe). It also meant an opportunity to develop on a personal and professional level and to redirect the focus of my work.

I completed the International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training program offered by Erickson Coaching International. This means I’m a professional certified coach, using the Solution-Focused Coaching model. 

A strengths-based approach was added to my professional skill set and I like to integrate theories and evidence-based practices from the field of (Traditional) Psychology and Positive Psychology in my work.

Positive Psychology doesn’t focus on mental illness or malfunctioning, it is the scientific study of optimal performance and wellbeing and it gives insights and strategies to help individuals, organizations and communities thrive and excel. 

The career transition was a journey of transformation, with numerous challenges and setbacks. Ultimately it has brought growth and enrichment, also on a personal level. 

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