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What People Say

My journey from feeling crappy and worse to feeling more mindful, calm and sorted wouldn't have been possible without you and the wonderful things you taught me in our sessions.


Tish D. - Marketing Manager

I first reached out to Lizet because I felt that I was in a crisis mode both at work and at home. Lizet, in a seemingly simple, yet extremely powerful way, guided me into putting different aspects of my life into perspective. She helped me outline areas I could improve, and guided me to come up with steps I could take to make these improvements. She helped me identify my strengths and helped me really focus on bringing them out to help me achieve the things I wanted to achieve. Her guidance and words, and the understanding they brought me helped turn what I felt to be a crisis, to become an opportunity that achieved greater results than I had ever expected… I got a promotion at work! My self-esteem and confidence in myself has grown in a way that I had not expected. I am truly thankful for the work Lizet did with me. I can’t recommend her coaching enough! 

Alex S. - Team Lead

My company offered the opportunity to do coaching and this was very timely for me. I’m good at my work, but was struggling with managing my team in times of stress. I was nervous, irritable, constantly worrying and having trouble to relax. I tend to set high standards for myself and expect others to work just as hard. When I got the feedback that I was perceived as being aggressive and stubborn, I knew I had to work on my leadership skills.

The coaching helped me to be more emotionally intelligent. The most valuable thing I learned is probably to pause before I react, to choose my reaction intentionally, instead of acting impulsively. This is ongoing work for me, but I’m making progress every day. 

Lizet also helped me identify my work-related values and how I can translate them into actionable steps. I want to be a humble, flexible and resilient leader and I’m doing something everyday towards that outcome.

Paul D. - Manager

Bad habits had started to affect my work and I wanted to build better habits (e.g. going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, cutting out TV binge watching at night, staying mindful and focused during my morning routine). The most helpful thing in coaching was realizing that there were many internal changes that I needed to make in order to develop these good habits. 

Siri Y. - Software Engineer

This is the best thing I ever did for myself.  I will always remember Lizet as the "gal" that helped me get my life back.  Thank you! 

Chris C. - Financial Advisor

I am at a point in my career where I need to consider how best to move forward and I have to choose amongst a few challenging options. My biggest take away from working with Lizet was that we can become stuck with our problems and the reasons why things are not working. If you start to consider the possibilities and for a moment imagine them to be true and affecting your life in a positive way, it seems possible to reach your goal starting one step at a time! I would recommend ImPowered Coaching & Training to people who feel stuck in their old ways of thinking and doing, or to people who find themselves to be on the brink of starting something new, but are held back by self doubt or all the reasons "not to do it".

Ingrid K. - Licensed Psychologist

Lizet is an amazing listener. I didn't know what to expect from working with her, but it's like therapy for your business. She didn't force me into solutions and really encouraged me to explore all my options and not settle on ideas that I wasn't excited about. When I talked with her, I felt like I had enormous problems that I could do nothing about, and she would show me each time that I know what to do and helped me make a plan to do it. This ranged from hiring an employee to planning a promotional event and finding a better workspace. I don't think there is anything she can't help with. If you are a business owner who is overwhelmed by problems, you need Lizet's help to give you focus and clarity so you can find your way back to success.

Cindy C. - Small Business Owner

The coaching sessions with Lizet helped me to come out of my shell at work and to position myself as a knowledgeable, reliable and influential colleague, who’s also fun to hang out with at lunch time. I used be very anxious and would just try to “hide”. I would never speak up in meetings, for example, afraid I would say something stupid. I’m now able to approach high-stress situations differently, as if I’m looking from a different angle. This helps me to relax and feel more confident.

Paula D. - Paralegal

Lizet was great, thoughtful, flexible and helped introduce useful constructs for me to reframe and attack the problems that I felt were most critical to address. Huge endorsement for Lizet!

Tom T. - Recruiter

I wanted to learn how to better manage my stress. Things often felt very overwhelming to me, both at work and personally, and I wanted to come from a more emotionally grounded place. I was so afraid to disappoint others that my default was to say ‘yes’ to every request, even if that meant crossing my own boundaries, bringing me to the edge of a burnout. 

Lizet helped me identify which thinking patterns were feeding into my stress and what I could do to challenge those thoughts, and to lessen their impact. I also learned that I can set healthy boundaries AND be kind and (more) productive at the same time. 

The constant tension and anxiety I was feeling has dissipated and I’m less concerned about what others think of me; I make decisions based on my inner compass and that feels great!


Marla S. - Recruiter

Lizet was absolutely fantastic. She was great at not only listening but also prompting me in ways that made me think about things from new perspectives. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Pat B. - Software Engineer

I have grown immensely in mindfulness - being aware and responsive to the realities of my environment versus acting primarily on immediate instinct. It seems simple but I have been able to stop and think more regularly. I have also grown in my self-compassion. Coaching taught me to give myself some space to feel the way I feel and not beat myself up for shortcomings. I have leveraged my strengths in my relationships at work and even have a promotion on the horizon.

Becky C. - Manager

I have a renewed sense of purpose and determination. I feel that through following the steps in this workshop, my goals are attainable. I like having the study guide with all the visuals that help me organize my thoughts, dreams and goals.

Naomi O. - Costumer Service Specialist

I learned so much about myself in this program; about the impact of my mindset, how it affects my behavior and results. 

Erika T. - 

The company I work for organized a workshop about Time-Management & Prioritization for our team. Lizet delivered this service. The workshop helped me to think of time in tangible terms. Each task at hand requires a certain amount of energy, and that energy must be used efficiently or else we’ll burn out! The results were surprising! I was actually able to go back to my desk after the session and felt like I had actually become more ‘energy efficient’ with my time! One thing I liked was the practical approach to Time-Management. What Lizet said didn’t just sound good, but the tips were actually applicable to “real life” – both from a professional and personal standpoint. The workshop leader was very professional and engaging. I would recommend this workshop to organizations which want to invest in the employee development and increase efficiency.

Jennifer S. - Business Development Manager

The workshop helped me to re-focus and re-energize myself to identify my goals. And then the framework and the tools offered will help me to achieve them!

Elizabeth T. - HR Manager

Impressive to learn about the rewiring of the brain and mind mastery tools. It’s interesting to know how powerful the mind works and how much we can overcome and accomplish!” 

Alan Z.

I attended one of Lizet's workshops. The theme was: refocus on what really matters to you and redefining your direction and action accordingly. Lizet Pollen was able to create a setting where everyone could talk freely, without shame or fear. The atmosphere was loaded with positive energy!​ The structure that was offered was clear and Lizet Pollen is a perfect host and leader. She makes you feel embraced, secure and support was offered when needed.​ I left the workshop with more confidence, energy and ideas for some ongoing issues in my daily life.​ I would highly recommend this workshop!

Mira H. - Health Consultant

I would recommend Lizet from ImPowered Coaching for those who want more clarity in their roles, jobs, or in their personal goals. She challenged me to think about some things that I didn't have full clarity on and helped free me to make some decisions and prioritize things that brought me to a deeper clarity for my goals! Peace of mind that comes from such clarity empowers you to move on to the truly important things!

Suzanne W.J. - Entrepreneur

I’ve learned to break down my goals into realistic segments and that one of the most important things to start with is the right mindset. I’m now more aware of my destructive Red Flags and want to work on improving this immediately, as it definitely affects my daily attitude at work.

Kellie B. - Procurement Specialist

The Senior Management team at the company I work for organized an introductory workshop about Time-Management & Prioritization for our team. The tools and information we were provided with will enable me and other team members to work smarter, not harder and also to spend our time focusing on the issues that are important and “business critical”. One thing I really liked was the simple explanations that really broke down issues and challenges that we face on a daily basis without realizing it. Now I will be aware of those past-habits and I’ve been given the tools to deal with these situations as they arise in future. Lizet was very personable and put the group at-ease very early on. She's also clearly an expert in her field and was able to answer all questions and scenarios thrown at her.

Mike J. - Senior Client Development Manager

The training encouraged me to focus on my professional and personal goals, I’ve gained knowledge about myself and I’ve learned so much about the power of the mind and the brain. 

Rafael G.

I have gained clarity of my goals and a renewed excitement to pursue them!

Joelle D.

I have greater insights into how I work with others and how to contribute more to my team. I am also more self-aware and am better able to recognize the dynamics in my work environment. I am happier.

Steve R. - Account Executive

Lizet, I will forever remember you and the impact you made on my life. Maybe you will feel a gentle breeze, see a full moon, or a memory triggered when I am thinking of you. I truly believe we all have a 6th sense. You will never know the true impact you made on my life. I am so very greatful! Until we meet again- take care my friend! hugs!

Kris. T - HR Generalist

Lizet has accompanied me in a coaching process that has really helped me to keep focused on and move forward in achieving my objectives. She has helped me to explore and deepen my understanding of the values and motivations behind what I want to achieve, which has been key to keeping me on track. She has also helped me hold myself accountable for taking the necessary steps to move towards  what I want. The space that she has held for me in our sessions have been very valuable on my levels. I would highly recommend using her services if you want support in making your goals into a reality and learning a great deal about your self along the way!

Jose P. - Executive Coach & Facilitator

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