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Workshops & Training Modules 

Workshops and Training Modules & Programs typically zoom in on a specific theme or a specific outcome or goal. Most of the workshops I offer are a combination of Coaching and Training. 


The workshops are specifically designed to promote hands-on, interactive and dynamic learning and development.  

Workshops can be delivered on request. At ImPowered Coaching & Training we're passionate about Wellbeing, Performance and Success. Topics include:


  • Life Balance & Satisfaction

  • Wellbeing @ Work

  • Set Yourself Up For Success

  • Leadership Development

  • Building on Your Personal Strengths 

  • Values & Meaning

  • Handling Stress Effectively

  • Shine With Confidence

  • Mental Flexibility and Resilience

  • Time Management & Prioritization

  • Beat Procrastination

  • Goal Setting & Action Planning

  • And more!

Do you have a theme or a topic in mind? Let's get in in touch and discuss!  


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