HO, HO, HO! Live ‘Goal Setting Workshop’ coming your way – Greater Houston Area!



This is for you if you want to spend some time this holiday season or in early January to plan the year ahead and challenge yourself and/or others by setting personally meaningful goals. You want to do this in a group with other like-minded people to support you and to increase your accountability.


  • You want to host a fun yet valuable event for a girl's night/day out

  • You want to host a fun yet valuable event for friends and/or family


  • You want to host a fun yet valuable event for your team or co-workers


  • You want to host a fun yet valuable event for a group or community you're part of (e.g. entrepreneurs, moms, church, students, yogi’s, wine lovers…)


  • You’re a small business owner who wants to offer his/ her employees something unique to start the New Year?


  • You work in the Health & Wellness industry (e.g. fitness, weight control) and your clients are likely to have New Years resolutions in that area of their life



Are you one of the people described above? This workshop might be the answer to your prayers!



This workshop is specifically designed to increase the likelihood that you will be successful in attaining your goal(s), by giving you the opportunity to:


  • Create clarity around those goal(s)  

  • Truly connect with and step into your motivation

  • Feel confident and optimistic about your ability to reach your goal(s)

  • Create a realistic action plan with bite-sized steps  

  • Connect with other Goal Setters, offering support and accountability


  • We're using a Step-By-Step strategy that’s build upon theories and concepts about human drive and motivation


  • The workshop is offered conveniently on location, for up to 20 people (and depending on the size of the venue), with a minimum of 4 people


  • Everything is customized to meet your specific needs and wishes


  • 2 - 4 hours of fun, interactive and dynamic learning (time depends on size of the group and specific needs and wishes)

Want to discuss and plan your event? 

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