'Set YourSelf Up For Success'

Assisting you in attaining your weight loss goals!

ImPowered Coaching has a holistic approach to Health & Wellness and we've designed a workshop in collaboration with Medi-Weightloss. 

Set YourSelf Up For Success’ is a workshop specifically designed to support people who have started, or want to start losing weight.


  • You’ve tried different approaches, but you haven’t been successful yet in reaching your weight loss goal


  • You feel overwhelmed trying to implement healthy habits in order to reach your goal


  • You’re sick and tired of carrying around those extra pounds and it’s undermining your confidence


  • You have a special event that you want to lose weight for (a party, wedding, graduation), so you’ll fit into the clothes you love


  • You want to look good and feel great



Participating in this workshop increases the likelihood that you will be successful in attaining your weight loss goal.


We will zoom in on your motivation, your personal strengths & challenges and your mindset.


You will feel confident and optimistic about your ability to reach your weight loss goal.


It will also give you the opportunity to connect with other people on the same journey, which is a great (and proven) way to increase your motivation and accountability.

Hosted By:    ImPowered     Coaching

Coach:            Lizet Pollen

Date:               Saturday February 11 

Time:               11 AM - 1 PM

Place:              Medi-Weightloss

Adress:           22167  Westheimer Pkwy, Ste 105

                          Katy ,TX, 77450

Early bird price (till 02/01/2017):

  • $35

  • FREE for Medi-Weightloss patients

Regular price (from 02/01/2017):

  • $45

  • $10 for Medi-Weightloss patients

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