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Fly High

This quote inspired me to invite you to do some self-reflection!

  • What are you (day)dreaming about? What is your vision of a satisfying, successful and balanced life? In Toni Morrison’s words: if you could "fly", what would you be doing?

  • What is holding you back from turning your vision of a satisfying, successful and balanced life into your daily reality? In Toni Morrison’s words: what does your “shit” look like? And what does it feel, smell and taste like (LOL)? What are you telling yourself subconsciously that is preventing you from “flying”?

Increasing your awareness about your inner dialogue is the first step towards creating positive and meaningful changes in your life. Awareness creates the freedom for you to make different choices.

  • Now imagine…you’re already “flying”…you feel satisfied, successful and balanced in your life… What are some of the things you did to get there?

Share if you dare ;-)

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