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Where Did the Day go???


Do you know the “where did the day go”-feeling? It’s when you’ve been very busy all day, but at the end of the day your To-Do-List is still half a mile long….pfffff….! You wonder what exactly you DID get done today. You end up feeling stressed, frustrated and demotivated. Such a state of mind is hardly a recipe for productivity, now is it?

This blog by ‘Time Management Ninja’ is about making a Done-List and how that drives your productivity. If you’re familiar with the “where did the day go”-feeling, this might be useful for you to try.

Making a Done-List allows you to review your day and to celebrate accomplishments (don’t discount small wins!!). It helps you focus on your progress. This surely boosts your mood, confidence and your motivation, which in turn enhances your productivity. You end your day feeling satisfied and ready to rock that To-Do-List tomorrow!

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