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What Color Sunglasses Are You Wearing Today?

When I stepped outside this morning to walk my kids to school, I was delighted to feel the cool air on my skin. If you live in Texas, you know that this is a real treat. The sun was shining, the kids were chatting away, it was a beautiful morning! After I dropped them off at school I started walking back, planning my day ahead, when all of a sudden I felt a heaviness take over my chest, my head and my mood. Just like that, out of nowhere, so it seemed!

Do you ever experience a sudden mood change like that? If so, do you ever wonder what causes it?

In my case, it was obviously my thoughts stirring things up for me. It wasn’t the situation, because all was good, right? But it took some effort for me to realize what was happening, that my mood changed from one minute to the next, and that negative thinking was the root cause of it.

That’s because we’re not aware of what we think most of the time! And if we’re not aware of our thinking and the way it affects how we feel and act, then a sudden mood change like that seems beyond our control.

If you, however, start noticing this powerful connection between your thoughts, emotions and behavior, you suddenly have more control over your wellbeing! You now have a choice: to go with the flow of your current thoughts, or to take a different route…

You could say that we’re able to ‘set our own mind’. Almost like the way you can change the channel you watch on television. I also like to refer to this by comparing it with the color of the pair of sunglasses you wear and through which you see the world (LOL, that reminds me of a children’s book: Pete the Cat and Magic Sunglasses)

It’s not as easy as that though…it takes practice and time, but it’s definitely worth it.

So next time you notice a sudden mood change…what can you do?

Well, you could start with noticing your thoughts, becoming aware of your so-called ‘inner dialogue’. What are you telling yourself in that moment?

The next thing you could do is to question and challenge your thoughts: Are they true? How can I know for sure that they are true? What proof do I have? Ask yourself how useful those thoughts are. Are they serving you right now in your life in general, and more specifically in the current situation? Who do you become when you have those thoughts? And who would you be without them?

Finally, you could ask yourself what thoughts would be more beneficial for you right now, in this very moment. What thoughts would make you feel better? What thoughts would make it more likely for you to take positive action in your day ahead?

Here’s what I did this morning: I intentionally made the decision to not let those thoughts run the show and color the rest of my day. I also decided to make the most of this experience and write this blog, hoping that I might inspire others to start taking control over their wellbeing.

You know where to find me, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or if you would like to explore how coaching might support you in creating a more satisfying and successful life.

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