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Rewire Your Brain - How to Become More Aware of Your Successes & Achievements

Do you tend to ruminate or overthink things?

You might find yourself mentally replaying a mistake you made, over and over again, catastrophizing the consequences. Or you find yourself zooming in on some criticism you received about a project you’re leading at work, while you unconsciously neglect all the positive feedback you got over the past week.

If this sounds familiar, automatic negative thoughts are most likely keeping you stuck in a repetitive mental loop that’s not exactly making you feel good. It’s time to rewire our brain!

Start by noticing things that are (already) going well. Become more aware of your successes and achievements, notice and acknowledge them more, also the little successes you have on a daily basis. Even on a bad day, there are things that went well because of you, something you did or said.

Take a few minutes every night to think back and scan your day, from the moment you woke up till the moment in the now, where you’re brushing your teeth before going to bed. Ask yourself:

  • When was I at my best?

  • What was happening in that moment?

  • What was I able to achieve?

It doesn’t have to be a huge accomplishment, it can be a small personal success. You may want to write it down, journal about it, or just go over the event in your mind, making an effort to step back in to the moment and savor it.

  • How do feel now?

  • Coming from this place, what else becomes possible? At home? At work?

Inspire Others

We would love to hear from you! By sharing your experiences you might inspire others to start taking control over their wellbeing, performance and success at work.

We’re also interested in hearing about your challenges and struggles. It isn’t always easy to change personal or workplace habits. We’d be happy to assist you if you’re struggling to implement positive changes at work. Feel welcome to reach out!

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