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When This Is All Over...

When This Is All Over...

We’re in the midst of a pandemic. This is our current reality. Nobody knows when the pandemic will be over and what our reality will look like then. But there will be a time in the future that this is all over, and we’ll be able to look back to today and tell the story of what it was like.

My client came to the awareness that he and his wife can influence the story their children will one day tell about this pandemic, based on how they remember it. He felt empowered by this awareness. He thought: There are so many things currently out of my control, but I can influence the story we’re writing as a family. I can choose what kind of parent I want to be in this challenging time. I want to be calm, supportive and engaged, so that my children will remember this as: An unusual time with lots of changes, which was sometimes hard and we were sometimes anxious, but we adapted, found comfort with each other and had a lot of fun too.

We went on to brainstorm for things he can do TODAY that help write that story:

  • To be calm – I exercise daily and do a breathing exercise when I feel stressed

  • To be supportive – I ask my children about their feelings daily and be with them when they feel upset

  • To be engaged – I make time to play with my children daily and I turn my phone off when I do

What’s the story you want the people around you to tell when this is all over? Your spouse? Your neighbors? Your co-workers? The team you lead at work? What can you do TODAY do to help write that story?

COVID-19 - Focused Coaching

Do you need support during this challenging time? I’ve opened up 20 minute blocks on my calendar that you can book, free of charge, for a focused coaching session. We can chat about what’s going on for you and what it is you need and want. I will support you with coaching tools and practical resources.

  • Navigating the disruption and looming uncertainty?

  • Staying calm and grounded?

  • Managing stress and anxiety?

  • Adapting to the “new normal”?

  • Work-life balance?

  • Having constructive conversations (with loved-ones or professionally)?

Send me a DM and I will send you a link you can use to find a time that suits your schedule. We’ll connect on Zoom.

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