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Workplace Coaching & Training


ImPowered Coaching & Training contributes to an increase in global Wellbeing & Performance in the Workplace.


I work with organizations that want to improve on one or more of the following dimensions: 


  • Profitability;

  • Productivity;

  • Quality;

  • Innovation;

  • Costumer Satisfaction & Retention;

  • Employee Engagement & Retention. 

ImPowered Coaching & Training helps those organizations to be successful by creating a work environment in which their employees consistently perform at their best and feel good while they do so.



  • Personal, Executive and Team Coaching using a strengths-based and solution-focused approach;

  • Customized Training & Development Programs, in order to improve employee performance & satisfaction, team efficiency and ultimately business outcomes;

  • Evidence-based ‘Wellbeing Tools’, using insights and strategies from the field of (Positive) Psychology, as used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Focus Areas for Coaching and Training include: 

  • Building Teams & Teamwork

  • Coaching Fundamentals for Managers

  • Conflict Management & Resolution

  • Creating Mission, Vision & Values for Teams or Organizations

  • Effective Communication 

  • Effective Feedback & Performance Reviews

  • Effective Meetings

  • Leadership/ Managerial Skills

  • Positive work Environment

  • Stress Management & Resiliency

  • Time-Management & Prioritization

  • Wellbeing @ Work 


ImPowered Coaching & Training offers tailored business solutions to improve employee wellbeing, performance & success  within your organization. Schedule a Free Consultation now. 

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