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Experience Coaching

Not sure what coaching is all about and whether it might be for you? Don't worry, ImPowered Coaching & Training has got you covered!

I  offer a few free planning/ coaching sessions every month. Do you feel this is something you could benefit from? First come, first serve!

I also designed a group session/ workshop specifically for this purpose. 'Experience Coaching' is organized four times per year, one session for every season.  

The next 'Experience Coaching', the Fall session, will be in October 2023. Stay tuned! Want to make sure you don't miss out? Leave your contact details and/ or subscribe to the ImPowered Newsletter to make sure you'll receive the latest news in your inbox. 



Curious to find out how coaching might support you and want to get a taste if it? Schedule a Free Session 45-minute session now. 

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