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A True Story about how 'The Impossible' became Possible

I did an art project with my daughters (10 and 6) today. We made a Dream Board. Before we got started with a poster board, scissors, glue and lots of magazines, we talked.

We talked about what they love about their life right now, and what they dream of, you know, what they want to Be, Do and Have in the future.

This might sound pretty serious, but believe me, it was fun more than anything!

Of course the puppy dogs, milkshakes, Barbie mansions and a pool filled with candy were on their lists. They also mentioned things like friendship, learning, freedom, fun, and wanting to be a teacher and an interior designer when they grow up.

But the reason why I'm sharing this with you, is because of something my 6-year old said:

What I really want is a twin sister”.

What...wait...hang on...WHAT did you just say?

“A twin sister!”.

My 10-year old already started verbalizing my initial thoughts:

“But that's impossible! You're already born!”.

My 6-year old explained that is doesn't matter that she's already born, because she could still meet a friend who’s just like a twin sister.

Aha...! Not an actual twin sister, but somebody just like it.

I won't go into the details about the conversation that followed, but I do want to share what I discovered.

By taking the time and effort to REALLY LISTEN to my daughter and ask her clarifying questions, I discovered the TRUE MEANING behind her words. And by doing this 'the impossible' became possible!

We all know that having a twin sister on a list of things you want to have is...well, it's impossible. But longing to be friends with a girl your own age, somebody who's just like you, (♫ walks like you, talks like you ♫ - Junglebook), a companion who's always there to play with, laugh with, fight with, and make up with...well, that wish could definitely become reality!

So...curious as I am...tell me: what comes up for you when you’re reading this story?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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